It is with great pride that we are pleased to announce and recognize our 14 darers, whose startup models show exceptional potential. From a total of 125+ applicants from across the nation we are pleased to bring you the top 14, who have been selected to participate in the Allianz Ayudhya Activator incubation program starting its 1st batch in 2018.
The prevention system that beware aging health daily from integrate data wireless device whit AI to show the result on the screen
Carpool ขับดีมีเงินคืน
A new type of car insurance that gives good drivers the opportunity to form their own insurance groups with people they know and trust and earn up to 30% in cash backs by keeping claims (of the group) low.
A mobile platform which helps people to control diabetes condition by delivering actionable insights & making interactions with health professionals easier and more meaningful.
Doctor A to Z
A platform where patients can reach doctors, hospitals, travel and accommodations for their medical services.
Are platform where recyclables are exchanged for stamps and points for rewards.
Health Smile : Specific Home Health Checkup
Smart AI for Health-Checkup
Carpool Platform for Scholl
Electronic Health Record for Safety Life. “HEALTH RECORD” is healthcare ecosystem to provide electronic health records for an individual.
Health Community platform. We provide the tools for clinics, doctors and customers to work together seamlessly.
A prescription management platform for medication fulfillment service with free delivery.
A platform for monitoring&analysis your loved-ones behavior and notifies family's member when a change in habit is detected. KEEPING A PEACE OF MIND WHEN YOU ARE FAR AWAY.
The Red Box
A platform of a personal cloud storage that help organize all your digital asset files and ability to inherit any of them to your pre-defined beneficiaries.
Vitaboost Wellness
Your vitamin specialist. A fully online-to-offline wellness clinic in Thailand that offers easy, safe, convenient and affordable preventive care to users at the comfort of their homes.
We Chef (Thailand)
Home Made Cuisine. We Chef is different from a typical food delivery platform that delivers food from restaurants to consumers.

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